About Us

Tanahmu is founded by a group of passionate professionals from various agricultural backgrounds.

We are a team of Experience Master Grower, IT Solution Provider, Pest & Disease (P&D) Expert and Technical Consultant, who share the same vision to transform conventional farming to digital smart farming. Modern farming and agricultural operation work have changed compared to a decade ago, now with precisely measuring the variations, and adopting new technologies, we can help to maximize efficiency and increase outputs. Tanahmu understands today's grower's needs, therefore, many digital applications and tools have been created to improve the growers' works and help maximize their revenue.

We understand the challenges the growers need to deal with, on one hand having the responsibility to secure national food demands, but at the same time to sustain their own livelihood with multiple uncertainties and challenges.

Tanahmu Real Time Monitoring System

Empowering Growers with real-time insights



Air Pressure

Rain Gauge

Solar Radiation

Wind Speed

Wind Direction


Weather Station


Tanahmu Apps

Market Place

We are a main provider agricultural trading platform in Malaysia, matching sellers and buyers to complete their transaction in an informative, easy, and convenient manner.

Knowledge Base

By using digitals technology, its a power to transform agriculture. Therefore, we create this “Knowledge Base” to support and improve “self service” experience from growers daily practices.

Spray Guide

It is designed to assist farmers or applicators with the proper tank mixing sequences, and maintain accurate spray logs. Based on Mygap guideline of food safety, this offers information on acceptable safe practices.


Knowing and be able to precisely identify various issues with your crops is one of the key successful to improve your farm management and increase yield.

Alibaba Cloud x TanahMU

Tanahmu is a gateway to agriculture technology.

With the help of IOT solution, farmers no longer depend on the physical checking on the plant.

Customer Testimonial

Can foreseen pest and disease, reduce pest damage, save water by 20-30%, more accuracy on fertilizer application.
wong seng yee
WONG SENG YEE Treegrow plantation
Reduce pest and disease, more accurate in supplying fertilizer, yield can be increase by 20%.
choong poh sum
Pest and disease prevention, more precise in watering, feed optimum fertilizer to plant, plant damage reduce, yield increase by 15%
Wilson Leong

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