About us

Tanahmu is founded by a group of passionate professionals from various agricultural backgrounds. We are a team of Experience Master Grower, IT Solution Provider, Pest & Disease (P&D) Expert and Technical Consultant, who share the same vision to transform conventional farming to digital smart farming. Modern farming and agricultural operation work have changed compared to a decade ago, now with precisely measuring the variations, and adopting new technologies, we can help to maximize efficiency and increase outputs. Tanahmu understands today's grower's needs, therefore, many digital applications and tools have been created to improve the growers' works and help maximize their revenue.

We understand the challenges the growers need to deal with, on one hand having the responsibility to secure national food demands, but at the same time to sustain their own livelihood with multiple uncertainties and challenges.

All these uncertainties come with biotic and abiotic factors. Temperature and climate change are the main abiotic factors that contributed to yield loss. Therefore, Tanahmu is helping growers with digital tools to cope and manage these factors.

To Tanahmu - Data is the new soil; with the data collected from the IOT sensors, and analyzed using our data management system, growers can study real time trend graphs to monitor the changes of abiotic factors.

With the help of Tanahmu cloud data management, we can provide growers with historical data and analysis, so the growers will have more accurate information on their hands to support their decision making. Their historical experience can also be used as reference for risk calculations and forecasts.

With Tanahmu's digital farm management, the data value will provide the growers with the capability to increase their farm's production, reduce cost in the long run, and minimize risks.

TanahMu's TNM weather station, TNM sensor in a box and TNM farmer intelligent (dashboard), provides real time information to the grower when and wherever they need it.

TNM weather station is equipped with an analytical graph and P&D alert system to notify grower in real time when there is a potential disease or pest occurring in the real-life environment.

We empower growers to optimize their need to customize a better product in different usage to grow their revenue and manage risk with confidence using real life data. With our technology, we can help to reshape your farming practice.

For more information on what TNM weather station, TNM sensor in box, and TNM farmer intelligent can do for your operations, sign up for a demo here.

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