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What hurt our farmers? Information asymmetry between supply and demand that leading to oversupply and unsellable products go into food wastage. We aim to minimise both. We are a main provider agricultural trading platform in Malaysia, matching sellers and buyers to complete their transaction in an informative, easy, and convenient manner. We welcome all farmer cooperatives, agricultural products processing enterprises, growers, chain restaurants, wholesalers, supermarkets and retailers to gain access to this resources, and participate actively and share the benefits in here.
You will find us :
• Free and Up-to-date market information
• Easy and convenient by using your smartphone
• Expand your selling or trading opportunities


Knowing the weather is a farmer daily activity.
Agriculture is highly dependent on its local climate, the effects change of weather need to be considered along with other evolving factors that affect your agricultural productions as well as your daily farming works. Quick and easy integrated feature as part of our support to help farmer for making a better decisions in application of fertilization, spray guilds, soil moisture, or other conditions need to meet.

Online Store

This online store allow you to purchase directly from the source anytime, anywhere.
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Knowledge Base

By using digitals technology, its a power to transform agriculture. Therefore, we create this “Knowledge Base” to support and improve “self service” experience from growers daily practices.
Getting the right information on soil preparation, nutrient management and disease, pest, weed management. Selection and recommendation application to optimum for better productivity is vital to the success of the agriculture sector.

Spray Guide

Pesticides only give acceptable field results if they are delivered safely and precisely.
It is designed to assist farmers or applicators with the proper tank mixing sequences, and maintain accurate spray logs. Based on Mygap guideline of food safety, this offers information on acceptable safe practices.


Diagnostic (Crop & Soil)
Knowing and be able to precisely identify various issues with your crops is one of the key successful to improve your farm management and increase yield.
On demand query resolution with Tanahmu’s expert can assist you to proper diagnose your crop.
This feature will be available until further announcement. Please stay tune with us.⁠⁠⁠⁠

About Us

Tanahmu serves as a platform which enables six categories of industry players, namely farmers, raw material suppliers, product producers, wholesalers, retailers and consumers to trade under a brand new agro-ecosystem. All categories of players could obtain various information on farming practices, local weather conditions, location of raw material and product supply, market access and prices. This platform thus facilitates business matching between the industry players. Based on the fair review system at Tanahmu's new agro-ecosystem, reliable product could be sold and purchased at a fair and reasonable basis.
The Vision
To empower farmers to grow its comparative advantage through Agriculture Technologies.
Data is the new soil
For Tanahmu, data is the new soil—to be mined and analysed. Soon, farmers will be accessing the information and knowledge through his mobile phone, this will makes a real difference to the economy’s bottom line, while also helping farmers realize the economic benefits and bring the high quality and safety of food to consumer.
Tanahmu will change the way how we farm, how we buy, how we sell, and how we learn.

Clients' Testimonials

- can foreseen pest and disease
- reduce pest damage
- save water by 20-30%
- more accuracy on fertilizer application

Wong Seng Yee

Treegrow plantation

- reduce pest and disease
- more accurate in supplying fertilizer
- yield can be increase by 20%

Choong Poh Sum

- pest and disease prevention.
- more precise in watering
- feed optimum fertilizer to plant.
- plant damage reduce.
- yield increase by 15%

Wilson leong

- knew when to feed the plant with needed fertilizer.
- can prevent pest and disease
- reduce plant damage.
- increase yield by 20%


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